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5 Costly Retirement Savings Pitfalls to Avoid

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As early as you can, avoid common mistakes so you can enhance your retirement savings without losing precious time.

Saving for your retirement while you are in your early twenties can be one of the wisest financial decisions you can make. This is proven by the fact that starting in your 20’s can help you gain hundreds of thousands of dollars more than if waited until you are in your 40’s.

Nevertheless, deciding to save money may not always be a sure path toward financial success. You must be aware of certain errors most people are prone to commit along the way and which you must avoid in order to safeguard your future.

Along with saving for retirement, you need to enhance your financial intelligence on the path to a secure future. So, even without consulting with a financial adviser and assessing your situation, these following tips will give you some general and practical advice on avoiding the common mistakes in saving for retirement.

#1: Too Much Caution so Early in the Game

Striking a healthy balance between caution and eagerness helps a lot; hence, do not be too cautious early in your plan. Starting at the age of 25 is ideal, as most experts say, gives you about 30 or 35 years prior to using your retirement savings.

With still plenty of time in your hand, you can have the luxury of taking some chances instead of being too cautious. And so, investing into one or two big investments that early on in your career can provide substantial revenues within a long-term investment time-frame. On the other hand, you may go to the other extreme and take the extremely conservative approach, which may prevent huge losses but also keep you from significant returns.

#2: No Diversification

Avoid also the mistake of putting all your eggs into one basket, or into one asset type.

Let us consider the stock market. Assuming you put your whole retirement portfolio into stocks and you gained a massive $1 million return over the years. At 59, with one year remaining until your planned retirement, the market suddenly falls and suffers losses of 40% and eating away $400,000 off the stock value. It would take short of a miracle to recover that huge loss within one year! The solution is to diversify. Balance your savings and choose more conservative investments in the few remaining years of your career.

#3: Neglecting to Consider Fees

Majority of people make the mistake of not taking the time to study the fees connected with retirement savings. One percentage point increment in fees could mean costs of up to tens of thousands of dollars over the entire duration of an account. Analyze fees like a bee searching for honey and avoid entering into an account without a thorough picture of the fees required.

#4: Aimlessly Moving On

Setting up retirement goals at the start beats having to proceed aimlessly, even though life is unpredictable and you will always experience such situations as salary reduction or other external economic factors. Having exact amounts to aim for and deciding when you need to enter into new investments will help you easily manage your finances, since you know where you are exactly at the scoreboard and how much time you have left.

#5: Avail of Tax Breaks when Filing

How to manage taxes well forms a big part in a successful retirement planning. Certain accounts will give you the option to defer tax payments until maturity, allowing your money to grow more with interest. Others demand that you pay post-tax payments, freeing you from having to pay when you withdraw the money.

To know more on this matter, consult with a financial adviser to decipher the pros and cons of either of the two schemes.

Be Wise: Plan Right and Avoid Retirement Mistakes

The wise always plan ahead, enhancing the likelihood of securing a secure and comfortable retirement with sufficient money to support their needs over the coming golden years. The key is to avoid those mistakes that erode your portfolio’s full potential or stunt its growth.

Commit yourself to these proven guidelines and rest easy knowing a bright future awaits you.

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